Want to use the right terms so you don’t offend people? Did someone tell you their sexual orientation or gender identity, and you’ve never heard of the term they used? Just want to learn more? We can offer you two kinds of resources:


1) Safe Zone training at UMBC: This program has different versions for staff/faculty and for students. You’ll learn about up-to-date terms, as well as the best ways to support communities that you are not a part of (the program is open to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities). You can find out more about current Safe Zone programs being offered through the Mosaic Center website.

2) Websites that have sexual orientation and gender identity dictionaries that are frequently updated (the LGBTQ FSA do not have any formal association with these sites). We offer the following resources that you may find useful:


Also check through the other tabs under Education on this website for ideas and additional resources for creating an inclusive and LGBTQ supportive campus community!