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REPOST: PAWTalks: Religious InQueeries

An Open Dialogue About Religious and LGBTQ+ Identities

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021  from 4-6 PM 


PAWTalks: Religious InQueeries

An Open Dialogue About Religious and LGBTQ+ Identities

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 · 4 PM - 6 PM

This Inspirational Talks series invites speakers each semester from all over the country to discuss personal experiences relating to their identity, research and/or global issues that impact diversity, equity and inclusion. PAWTalks provides an interactive, cultural sharing experience by highlighting the richness of the various cultures through speakers from around the country representing diverse backgrounds.

This PAWTalk features its very first panel of speakers that will discuss the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and religion/spirituality, specifically how each of these identities interact with one another for someone who identifies with both communities and/or implements LGBTQ+ inclusive practices within their religious/spiritual communit(y/ies). Each speaker will share their specific experiences, to various questions including:
  • How they “arrived” at this moment where both of these identities could co-exist and whether that transition was easy or difficult to navigate?
  • If and how other identity groups (e.g. age, race, class, gender) have played a role within their LGBTQ+ and/or religious/spiritual experience?
  • What (if any) LGBTQ+ specific topics come up within their specific religious/spiritual communities? 
  • How might LGBTQ+ individuals who may not have had such a positive experience with religion or religious/spiritual communities be receptive to exploring their spirituality (if that is something they would like to explore)?
  • What are some ways their religious/spiritual community have done work in regards to their inclusive practices to encourage participation from LGBTQ+ community members?
  • How to spot toxic behavior that can be dangerous for LGBTQ+ people within a religious/spiritual community?
  • And many more!
All undergrads, grads, staff, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to attend! Click "going" and fill out our RSVP Form if you are planning to attend. Once you RSVP, you will receive a calendar invite.

Our i3b staff strives to create the most inclusive environment possible. If you need to request a disability-based accommodation or have any questions? Contact us at i3b@umbc.edu. For our uploaded event recordings, attendee lists, works cited, and other materials, please check out our Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion and Belonging (i3b) Events Drive. Materials will be available in this Google Drive within one business week after the event unless otherwise specified.

This event is cosponsored with UMBC’s Women’s Center, the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI), and the LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Association (FSA)

Posted: April 22, 2021, 11:33 AM